About Us

Thenral is a FREE Tamil monthly magazine. It is Australia’s No 1 Tamil magazine. Thenral has a wide circulation with in Australia and is available in all major cities (Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Darwin, Perth & Brisbane). Our 10,000 Tamils┬áreaders enjoy Thenral since they constitute the majority of second largest Indian (90,000) language spoken across Australia. Each issue covers wide range of topics such as politics, sports, astrology, movies, health, cultural functions and entertainment.

Our free Tamil magazine is produced and published with contributors such as writers, columnists from Australia, India and Sri Lanka.

We give great impetus to local news, functions and politics apart from mainland India and Sri Lanka news. It breezes through each month with lovely articles, colorful pictures and brings totally a fresh feeling to all Tamil readers. The Tamil community in Australia, comprise of people from Singapore, Malaysia, Mauritius, South Africa, Fiji, and last but not the least from Sri Lanka and India.

We look forward to your vital on-going support for our sincere efforts in spreading and spearheading our glorious Tamil through continued publication/circulation of our Thenral.